Privacy Statement

The privacy and confidentiality of a candidate’s campaign is very important to the CFB. Our concern for your privacy extends to use of C-Access. That view underlies our policy, stated below:

C-Access will only provide information specific to the campaign of that logged in user. Information specific to another candidate’s campaign will not be provided. Only CFB staff and the campaign have access to that campaign’s information.

In addition:

  • We do not give, sell, or transfer any personal information to third parties.
  • We store a temporary “cookie” solely for tracking your logged-in status throughout the course of a single C-Access session. This cookie expires upon the end of your visit and does not monitor any browsing activity outside of C-Access. (A “cookie” is a file placed on your hard drive by a Web site that allows it to monitor your use of the site.)
  • Information is collected for statistical purposes and we occasionally analyze user behavior to measure customer interest in the various areas of our site.

If during your visit, you browse through the Web site, read documents, or download information, we will automatically gather and store certain information about your visit. We collect and store only the following information about your visit:

  • The account used to access the web site;
  • The Internet domain (such as “” or “”, or “”) and IP address (an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the Web) from which you access our Web site;
  • The time and date of your visit;
  • The pages you view;
  • Whether you successfully received the document you requested; and
  • Any errors encountered while browsing the web site.

We use this information to assist us in making our site more user-friendly—to learn about the number of visitors to our site, what they are looking for, and the types of technology they use.